I'm putting together my setup with piano keyboard and second level synth and the piano keyboard I have (mx88) doesn't include a music rest or holder. Surely there's some product that will bolt into either the X Stand or the second level extension?

I'd really like one that is just like a board with a lip, as opposed to just a wire frame. I'm struggling to find such a product. A mike stand one with the bracket rotated through 90 degrees would do it.

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  • I stopped using X stands for heavier keys after one collapsed at a gig. Difficult to play on the floor! But not impossible. The audience probably thought it was part of the show! Seriously, two on an X stand that's not braced needs re thinking. I welded a mic stand onto my newest stand, and the same could be done for a music stand. – Tim Apr 4 '18 at 6:32