If you want an original song to be in a movie, how would you put that in the movie script? Do you just write the lyrics in? Can you show an example?

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    I think this might be a better question for Movies & TV or Writers. If the characters in the movie are actually singing, then the lyrics would often be written into the screenplay. If it’s music that is played as soundtrack music, then the screenwriter normally has no say in that. Are you writing a movie musical? If so then I think your question is on topic here and I can tell you exactly how you want to format it. – Todd Wilcox May 8 '18 at 1:53

I know someone who does this and says it's MUSIC CUE or MUSIC UP if the song has already been selected.

The Screenwriter’s Bible (apparently available for $1.99 on Amazon, used) suggests you insert them.

     “Well, you take the high road
     And I’ll take the low road,
     And I’ll be in Scotland before you.”

Alternatively you can use slashes instead of the line breaks - may save space occasionally:

     “Well, you take the high road/and
     I’ll take the low road/and I’ll 
     be in Scotland before you.”

This is specifically for an original song, as the lyrics are also in-effect part of the screenplay as there are no licensing issues.


For a production script, include the lyrics if an on-screen character is performing them. If it's just on playback, include it as MUSIC: [name of song].

If it's a script you're submitting to a producer - well, actually do the same! But be sure to include a recording of the song in the package.

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