I am improving my piano practice room and I found recently the Piattino Sound Proofing Castor Cup.

These work, as far as I understand, by absorbing vibration from the piano to the structures around and therefor avoiding structural transmission. I am trying to avoid noise from getting to my neighbours.

I have already put a couple of rugs under my piano, and I can still feel some vibration on the floor so I believe I can benefit from such a solution where vibration is absorbed.

In any case, how good are these? Are there equivalent solutions with a better cost?

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The only good soundproofing tools are mass & airgapping/vacuum

This is a universal truth.

Anything else is a poor third place.

You can reduce vibration transmission through to the floor with dense foams, but their actual efficiency is remarkably low if you take air transmission into account too. A piano can transmit simply through the air to the floor, negating much of the effect any such damping may provide.

In short, unless you have a good 2 feet of solid concrete between you & your neighbours, no amount of sound damping is really going to make much difference.

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