A few years ago, I sold my TD-12 drum module to pay the bills. Since then, my V-Drums have been sat in the box screaming out to be played and I think I'm just about in a position to replace the module with a new one.

I'm looking at the newer modules offered (specifically the TD-17 module) and it appears the inputs have changed a little. The modules only seem to have 2 inputs and the rest of the inputs come in elsewhere. Can I keep my old stand and just upgrade the module, or do I need to buy a new stand too?

If anyone has any of the newer modules and can give more detailed pictures of the bottom, that would be amazing.

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    Roland is a very helpful company. Drop them an e-mail.
    – Tim
    May 22 '18 at 11:13
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    Before you VTC, please read the question carefully. It is not a product recommendation question in any way at all. May 22 '18 at 19:57

The TD-17 is different from the TD-12 in several ways, but there are two ways it is different that are important for you.

First, the trigger connections are different. On the TD-12, there is a separate 1/4" trigger input for each trigger channel. On the TD-17, there is a single "multicore" cable (I believe the connector is a DB-25) that breaks out into trigger cables. You'll have to buy one of these and use it to connect your triggers.

Second, the stand mount is very different. The TD-12 mount is a bracket that screws on to the bottom of the module and presents a tube mount, while the TD-17 has a dedicated slide-in mounting system. While I was able to find the multicore trigger cable separately, I wasn't able to find a separate TD-17 stand. I think asking Roland, as Tim suggested, may be a good way to go, or paying a visit or making a phone call to your favorite retailer.

My resources for this were:

English TD-17 owner's manual (PDF download)

English TD-12 owner's manual (PDF download)

Note that there are graphics showing the bottom of the TD-17 and the stand mount in the manual linked above.

  • Thank you, I'll get in touch with Roland and add my own answer if I get a response.
    – Andy E
    May 23 '18 at 15:56

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