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I'm looking for a pair of noise blocking earphones. I work in a loud office environment, and really struggle to focus with any sort of noise. I'm not looking for suggestions on how to get around this in any other way however - I'm working on that!

I was hoping to get a pair of earplugs/earphones/headphones that will block out as much sound as possible. Due to the environment, I suspect noise-cancelling won't be an awful lot of use however. I would be hoping to pay under £100, but suggestions at different pricing points would be helpful if anyone has any recommendations that they can personally vouch for.

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    Industrial ear defenders, a fiver from any serious hardware shop. You won't be able to hear the phone ring, of course. – Tetsujin May 25 '18 at 18:54

You can get professional high quality earplugs made specifically for you at an audiology clinic. I had some made for me years ago to help me cope with the noise level in a symphony orchestra. It is molded to your ears and they insert into the plug a kind of filter that allows you to hear enough sound, while cutting out a lot of the noisy stuff. It's not cheap though. You would have to call up a couple of such clinics and ask them what they charge in your country. Since mine where made years ago, I am sure they have come up with even more high quality earplugs than mine. Even if they want more than your 100 pound cut-off point, I think it is worth paying for that sort of quality to protect your ears. You will have them and use them for many years to come. The good thing about earplugs is that they are rather more discreet than headphones, etc.

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