My daughter is 8 and has been taking private piano lessons for around 3 months now but will take a break from lessons over the summer. In the fall (when school starts back up) she will be taking cello lessons at school.

What if anything can I do with her over the summer on the piano that will help prepare her or make learning the cello easier come fall?

She is learning to read (both treble and bass clef since she is playing the piano) and I have started doing some ear training games with her, but I am looking for more and am open to suggestions.

The ear training we have been doing is very basic so far, all diatonic, I play I, IV, V to get the key in her ear and then play DO and another note and she has to tell me what note it is.

(I studied music in school, and play the drums and Guitar, just so you know my background. I do not have any experience with classic instruments like the cello and have never played a fretless string instrument.)

  • Why is she taking a summer break from music lessons? – John Doe May 25 '18 at 21:25
  • @john doe We just have a lot of other stuff going on and some vacations planned. I will still encourage her to pratice and I will work with her, she just won't be taking private lessons. – b3ko May 26 '18 at 1:11

I have a couple of thoughts. First, she will be reading primarily bass clef for cello, so any drilling of those notes in particular will be useful. Also, help her to "forget" her piano fingering. I have piano students who play stringed instruments and discussing fingering is such a pain. I wish there was a universal fingering system! "1" on piano is thumb. "1" on cello is index finger, and so on. You could make or purchase flash cards to help with note reading. You can do a lot of rhythm games as well.

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