(Sorry if this is too subjective or off-topic, but I've been struggling with this minor issue for too long)

Like most musicians, I listen to music and work on music. On my computer, I have a folder with many music albums that I listen to, and another folder containing sheet music, tabs, and well as lessons or compositions.

I fail to find an appropriate name for this second folder, that would encompass the practice, teaching and composition aspects. Do you have a good name for it? Or do you maybe split these different aspects in different folders?

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    Charts and dots? Or Orchs which is what all the charts together for a piece is sometimes called? – Tim May 27 '18 at 10:17
  • @Tim It's true that most of the content in this folder will be sheet music or tabs, but there is also video/audio files, as well as lyrics for example. I like the originality of your suggestions though :) – Niavlys May 27 '18 at 10:34
  • For music I listen to: Muzak

  • For music I write: Music

  • For music I record: Recordings

  • For writing: Documents

  • For useful things: Composition Resources

Label appropriate sub folders for each of these categories and boom, you’ve got organization.

Incidentally, every file is named with the file name, draft number, and date:

Obnoxious Piece (Draft #14) - May 54th, 2034

Keeps everything straight.

Good luck!

  • Thanks for the insight into your folder organization! So you keep in separate folders the music you write and your own recordings of the same music? – Niavlys May 27 '18 at 10:42
  • Yes, they’re not the same as I’m often dealing with the difference between notated music and raw audio. – jjmusicnotes May 28 '18 at 1:24

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