I have played guitar and bass (classical and jazz) but my main instrument is the guitar. I lost touch with the upright bass many years ago and want to pick it up again. I also recently picked up the classical guitar and have been playing seriously for the past 4 years of so.

Here is the issue classical requires some right hand nail growth and proper maintenance for good tone and technique. Upright jazz bass is mostly played pizzicato with the right hand. Playing Bass (with some enthusiasm) will lead to broken right hand nails.

Is there anyone else out there who has gone down this path and had some success at both instruments? Any advice on managing both is appreciated.


Jazz bass pizz. is normally played more by the side of the finger and so you might be able to avoid your long fingernails with some practice. Long nails would be more of a problem for classical double bass pizz. than for jazz bass.

  • Yes, I do recall that about the technique. But it still managed to break the index nail often. May be a lost cause. But thanks – ggcg Jun 1 '18 at 10:46

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