Arturo O’Farrill’s Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra is one of the best jazz orchestras in existence, a powerhouse outfit whose precise section work is enhanced by thrilling soloists.

Please define 'section work' in this context.

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They are talking about sections in the sense of a group of related instruments, such as a horn section.

Precise section work refers to their capability of playing together in a tight and groovy way. This section work is contrasted to the soloists, who would usually play (often improvised) melodies backed by one or more sections accompanying them.


When a large group splits into smaller sections, there will be maybe 4,5,6 players in that section. It could be a sax section, a rhythm section,, etc., who work well together and play 'in the pocket'. Arrangements may involve a soloist, or several soloists, in a longer piece, playing solos being backed by a section.

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