I'm trying to record my keyboard with Audacity, but I get the following waveform.


Notice that the amplitude of the wave seems to be limited. I'm sure there's an easy fix to this, but I couldn't figure it out.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Does it sound ok or is the sound messed up also? Jun 29 '18 at 0:53
  • @ToddWilcox the sound is fuzzy.
    – AmalTyagi
    Jun 29 '18 at 2:21
  • 1
    What equipment are you using? What audio interface? What cables? Jun 29 '18 at 3:03
  • 3
    I think it is clipping somewhere in your audio chain. How are you recording? Can you also post a link so we can listen to it?
    – b3ko
    Jun 29 '18 at 3:28

It is most definitely not Audacity's fault. It only displays what some A/D converter is feeding it. If you're using a microphone input on your computer, try turning down the input gain. Ditto if something else is doing the digitization.

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