The title pretty much sums it up: Has anyone else (other than the composer for whom it's named) written music that incorporates the "Mahler Hammer™"?

Some more links:

P.S. I sometimes think I've asked too many questions about Mahler; I suppose I'll stop now. Lest I be accused of being a fanboy...

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Given that, according to one of your links, Mahler merely asked for "the sound of an axe falling on wood," that a "Mahler Box" is merely one construction that meets that need. There are plenty of other ways to (mis)use stuff in the percussion library to create a similar sound.

I would personally have the chutzpah to tell the percussion section to go to a Woodsmen's competition, record axe work, and generate a sound-sampler to use in the performance. If I were a conductor, which I'm not.

PS- what's wrong with being a Mahler fanboi?

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