I'm looking for an E-drumkit to be used with a drum VST (I'm using drum samples from NI's Komplete 11).

Because I will be routing the midi data to my computer and use Komplete 11's samples, it is of no importance at all that the built-in sounds of the drumkit are any good.

However I was wondering what the advantages are of buying more expensive drums versus cheaper drums for my specific purpose? I'm not a real drummer but I heard that cheap E-drums have fewer velocity levels on their pads and cymbals than cheap E-drums?

Could somebody give a few recommendations for specific drumsets? I really don't know what price point I should be thinking of given that I will not be using the built-in samples.

Thanks for your time!

Regards, Bart


Could I take a different route?...

Why spend the money, especially if you're not actually a drummer?
Two passes on a keyboard, one for the top of the kit & one for the kick drum.
Quick edit to remove any obvious glitches or 3-handedness & you're done.

Couple of examples done this way - you'll probably hate them, but just listen to the drums

Warning!... library music - safe for elevators ;-))

[2nd one I'm only responsible for the drums, nothing else, 1st one is all me.]

I chose those because they're quite freeform. Stricter drumming is, of course, far easier to do - as you can do it verse/chorus at a time.

Note: I have 2 drumkits in the store room - they never come out these days because this method is so quick & I don't have to mic anything up.

  • Hey thanks for your answer. I listened both examples you linked and they sound great indeed! So you just 'played' those via a midi keyboard? The feel sounds really natural. My initial reason for considering an E-drum kit was that my attempts to play drum samples via a keyboard didn't really sound 'natural'. However your examples definitely show that it is possible so maybe I should practice a bit more or educate myself better on how it is done properly. Jul 4 '18 at 19:15
  • Thank you, & yes, I chose those two track specifically because they are done in just 2 takes, one for the 'top' & a 2nd pass for the kick drum. I do get more 'finicky' for some tracks, but these were done very 'raw' with almost no editing. I think a lot of it is 'knowing what a drummer does' which is different to 'being able to play drums' in the strictest sense.
    – Tetsujin
    Jul 4 '18 at 19:50

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