Is there a way to achieve both phaser and octaver in Boss ME-70? They appear to be under the same pedal, is there any trick for it?



The manual seems to indicate that, in memory mode, you can assign an effect to arbitrary patch (pedal) position using write mode. This suggests to me that you can assign any effect to a different patch pedal than the one you'd normally be forced to use in manual mode.

See Boss ME-70 User Manual (page 10)

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  • Can you elaborate because I haven't figured out how to do it, I want to create a patch and store it as a User Preset, so that it has both the effects Octaver AND Phaser enabled, whilst they both are under the same pedal number. I'm not sure you fully understood my question. – Shimmy Weitzhandler Nov 5 '18 at 7:08

After reading the manual and trying out several ways, apparently it's impossible to achieve this with this multi-FX. I hope someone beats my answer and proves me wrong, please comment on.

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