Is there any program or app to practice ear training with "Copy-Playing" (guitar is my instrument)? I means basically a phrase is played, and you have to repeat it on your instrument. I read about it here:


and a demo video:

I found some apps for melodic dictation, but is there an app that could also listen to what you played on your own instrument, give feedback, and progress to the next one, gradually increasing complexity. Similar to the above video?

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  • You could try what guitarists have done for decades: noodle while watching TV or whatever. Keep a guitar on the couch and any time you watch TV mess around and try to play back theme songs, background music, or whatever. No there's no an app to tell you if you played it correctly, but being able to hear that is part of learning. Also rather than reach for tabs or a youtube video when you want to learn a song, force yourself to learn it by ear. – user37496 Jul 18 '18 at 16:17

There are a number of these, ranging from Rockster on the PS-4 down to apps on iPhone and Samsung phones. This isn't the place to give recommendations on apps, but your best route is to search for Play Along Guitar Apps on Play Store or App Store, depending on your platform.

A quick search for me finds over a hundred, currently.

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