I come up with a melody on guitar and I find myself adding stuff to it everyday and I want to add to it a “Orchestra” feel like playing the melody on other instruments digitally, because I only play guitar and i don’t have other instruments. Is that going to be hard? And what type of software I need? Also I learned guitar by ear so I even don’t know what notes I’m playing and I always record what things I come up with so I don’t forget them. Is there a software gives me what notes I’m playing?


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    This kind of software is called daw. Given that guitar is of no use as MIDI input device, you may find it easiest, to start from notation e.g. with MuseScore. Any decent tuning app should help you to find the notes you are playing. – guidot Jul 23 '18 at 9:00
  • The OP stated that they only play by ear so MuseScore may not help. – ggcg Jul 23 '18 at 15:59
  • If you have an iPhone/iPad, GarageBand has plenty of virtual instruments to create an "orchestra". It guesses what key you're in (and in my experience, it usually guesses right). – scott Jul 23 '18 at 23:07

You can get a midi converter for pretty cheap. I use an M-audio that I got for ~$50 at Best Buy 5 years or more ago. This will allow you to record what you play on your guitar. Once it's in digital format you can manipulate it any way you like. I do not use "layering" in my music, it's mostly single guitar and when I use multiple instruments each is live, not sampled or digitally created.

I am not quite sure if the free distribution of the pro tools software has multiple instruments but I know it has effects. Other instruments is a small leap so it's gotta be out there.

My point is, you can record your guitar playing in digital format, copy and paste into other tracks and change the sound for that track. If you know what you want to play you can play each layer and edit the sound after the fact. If you know your music notation and theory (which you post implies you do not) you could copy multiple layers of the same track and change notes via computer manipulation to create harmony.

I'd recommend looking up pro tools and M-audio as a start. These are not the only tools of this type, just the ones I'm familiar with.

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