I'm using the chord wheel by Jim Fleser to try figure out some chords that would go well with a baseline I played.

But, I don't understand how minor progressions work with this chord wheel. Where would I find the progressions for Am for example?

enter image description here


Chord wheels are quite a nice idea - extensions of the cycle of fourths/fifths.

It's far better, though, to have a lot of that information in your head. Get to know the cycle, also get to know what chord families consist of, and you've pretty well got the question answered, but in all keys, not just Am.

A simple way to find the chords that immediately fit into Am is to find the relative major, which is C. Then the six main chords in that key are C, F, G, Am, Dm, and Em. E major also works often in Am, being the dominant.

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  • Honestly I'm finding the chord a bit of a pain. Someone suggested it as a good idea and while I can see it's use I certainly find it easier to write music the old fashion way. – BugHunterUK Aug 4 '18 at 20:37

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