What F is sounds best for a bass guitar/electric bass. First fret on E string (sounds too dark) or third on D string (sounds too bright). The tune is in F minor and the next chord is Eb.

Some choices are

  • F1 -> Eb2 (huge jump that I do not like because it screws things up)
  • F1 -> Bb1 (More moderate jump, with the fiths "the second best" is in the bass)
  • F1 -> Eb1 (downtune)
  • F2 -> Eb2 (high-pitched, may collide with other instruments)
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    It's common courtesy to explain downvotes-- regardless of how obvious it seems. Oct 2, 2012 at 17:12
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    I didn't downvote, but - no F is "recommended" over any other. Use the F that sounds best to you in the context of whatever it is you're playing.
    – slim
    Oct 3, 2012 at 14:18

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Try the F that's at the eighth fret on the A string. It's the same pitch as the F on the D string, but because the A string is heavier, the sound will be thicker than the one on the D string.

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    I'd say it also depends on the song you're playing. If you like the F on the A string, then consider playing the song (or at least that section of the song) from that upper position - 1st finger on the 8th fret.
    – ZaijiaN
    Sep 30, 2012 at 16:53

This question doesn't make much sense - all the F's are for playing, and some will work better than others for certain songs, or on certain bass guitars.

You may want to look at:

  • Your amplification, tone or equalisers - you can make a bass sound deep or muddy or light and twangy purely through your amp circuitry.

  • Thickness of strings also makes a difference to depth of note.

My suggestion would be to try the various different F positions and see which works for this song.


You can also get different timbres depending on how you attack the string.

Plucking closer to the bridge will emphasize more upper harmonics (this may help the F at the E-string 1st-fret to sound less "dark", but it may sound "hollow").

Conversely, plucking further from the bridge (above the 17th or 18th fret) will de-emphasize the upper harmonics (the may help the F at the D-string 3rd-fret to sound less "bright" and more "sweet").

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