I recently moved into an apartment, and gave my old amps to a family member. The apartment has thin walls, so I will almost always be wearing headphones while practicing. I mainly play bass, but may look at playing guitar more in the future. I am also interested in using effects pedals, mainly a looper. What sort of amp setup should I look into that isn't overkill for headphones but still allows for pedals? Is there any other type of tech I should look into for this?

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    There are almost too many options. You could do it all inside a computer, or you could by a modeling system, or you could assemble more traditional pedals with an amp that has a headphone out, or you could take a DI out from a traditional amp and run that to a mixer and take headphones out of that. This is almost too broad. – Todd Wilcox Aug 10 '18 at 16:44


  • Get a headphone amp
  • Get an amp with a headphone out
  • Get a 2-channel mixer
  • Get a looper with a headphone out

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