I am looking for a schematic to wire an HSS Strat as follows:

  • Volume for bridge with push/pull DPDT series/parallel switch
  • Volume for middle and neck pickups
  • Master tone
  • 5 way selector:

    1. Bridge
    2. Bridge and middle
    3. Bridge and neck
    4. Middle and neck
    5. Neck

Is the 5 way wiring possible with a standard 5 way switch, or is a super switch needed? A detailed diagram would be very helpful, I have been searching the web for house but can not find anything this specific.

  • For series/parallel, which two pickups do you want that to affect? Note that when you go series, it will force both pickups into the signal path regardless of the pickup selector. – Todd Wilcox Aug 13 '18 at 2:34

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