I can find plenty of programs that can manipulate music, but I am having trouble finding a program that can do the same to Music Videos. Is there a program or way that I can DJ a song where the partnering video reflects the song? For example if I want to loop or change the sample rate/beats bpm a spot in the music the video would also reflect in real time aligning for the next song splice.


I'm not sure why you'd have trouble finding said software because there are a lot of options.

VirtualDJ was one of the first that I remember with the ability but that was 10 years ago or more and I'm not sure what the best options are these days. I know Serato can do video now too with a plugin of some kind. Some versions of Djay Pro include video support which might be your cheapest option and they also have a separate mobile app called Vjay that does video.

Really I'd but more surprised that a modern DJ app doesn't do video.

  • Yes I will try those and let you know how they worked for me. I'll tag you soon. – Muze the good Troll. Aug 23 '18 at 22:04
  • I've looked over them some active video is similar to the visual equalizer technology and the others are not on they fly video editor or mixer. For example when I raise the volume on the next song the video fades on top of the other video. I may be getting off topic unless there is a better SE you know for this? I think I have a solution forthcoming by having 2 computers 2 projectors and 1 head set. – Muze the good Troll. Aug 23 '18 at 22:17
  • It might be that you aren't explaining your needs very well. The apps that I mentioned are literally "disc jockey" apps for video. As in they map the video file to a turntable/CDJ/controller in the same way it would for music. You can scratch, mix, loop, or whatever just like you would with music. It's not a video editor but a disc jockey app isn't an audio editor either. All that said, you're right that this SE isn't the best place for this. Specific software or equipment recommendations are off-topic, but I was trying to speak on the general concept of video DJ'ing. – user37496 Aug 23 '18 at 23:54

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