I want to know how the name of the chord would change in an Fmaj for example. let's say that instead of

F , A , C

I played

F , A# , C

What would it now be called? Sorry if it's obvious, I'm kind of new to this stuff


F, A#/B♭, C would be an Fsus4 chord. The reason why is because you’re “suspending” or omitting the third- A, and replacing it with the fourth- A#/B♭

The F chord is made of F (root), A (third), and C (fifth), because the F major scale is F(1), G(2), A(3), A#/B♭(4), C(5), D(6), and E(7). Technically, we should just refer to it as a B♭ instead of A# for the F major scale.

Here is some easy-to-understand information about suspended chords:


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