I have a Yamaha P-45 digital piano. Can anyone please suggest me how to make a video of playing piano with clear sound quality? Also I want the video to be trimmed from the starting and ending and usually this causes some problems with the audio - video synchronization. So any help will be appreciated.


For audio you have three options: *

  1. Record actual audio from the keyboard with a mic, camera, or phone. Not the recommended solution unless you have studio-quality equipment and highly value the particular speakers of your piano and acoustics of your room...
  2. Use the phones out jack with a male/male cable to pipe it to your computer. Preferably this will not just go into a low-quality onboard sound card but an external audio inferface (e.g. Steinberg UR22 MKII) or similar device.
  3. Use the USB out port to send MIDI data to a virtual instrument (probably in a DAW like Reaper) and record that data as you play. This has the advantage of allowing you to save the data of a performance and tweak, change the piano sound, create another arrangement, etc. later on.

Note that you could easily do options 2 and 3 at the same time, getting both the piano audio and the MIDI data for later editing.

Once you've chosen your method, you would just record at the same time as you film. Start the recording before the filming and end it after (that is, recording is always on while filming).

If you use a decent video editor of any kind, you'll get a timeline/track view where you can see both the video and audio track. Trim both as needed. To align, find a few really distinct/isolated notes, zoom in close, and nudge the audio until you hear the sound when you'd expect. Two things that help with this process:

  1. Record the sound on the filming device as well. You'll mute this low-quality audio in the final product, but you can use it in editing to help align the clean recording you also take.
  2. When you start recording but before you play the piece, play a few distinct, non-legato notes, then let them fall silent and start the piece. When editing, use this as a key to sync up the two. Then trim the video and audio by equal amounts to exclude it.

I'll add more detail as requested if you comment. Happy recording!

* Some newer keyboards also have a feature for recording a performance as MIDI or audio directly to a file on a USB stick, similar to options 2 and 3 but with less hassle and control. As far as I can tell, the P-45 doesn't do this.

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I use the following two types.

1) Connect piano output to computer mic input and record using audacity(free audio software ) and have a camera to capture fingerings. Now combine the audio and video using some movie maker software.

Example) To God be the glory (Praise the Lord) - Piano Lessons - F Major

2) Install piano apps on tablets/phone/ipad, play the song with screen recording on and get the recorded video

Example) Just a closer walk with Thee - Piano melody and chords - Gb Major

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