I am trying to improve my sight reading and a good exercise is to play a music score seeing only the next bar. I do this with my teacher covering the bar that I'm playing, but I can't do it at home, so is there a software that can show the music score bar by bar? thank you


There is a tool ly2video announced in the Lilypond mailing list. It generates a video from the score. The home page is https://github.com/aspiers/ly2video.

You can look at an impressive result at


  • That's me in that video :) I maintain ly2video these days and can confirm that it has options for controlling the width of the video and the DPI resolution of the music, so you could certainly generate videos where you only see a small amount of music at any one time. You can find free LilyPond source code for a lot of music via the Mutopia Project. – Adam Spiers Mar 15 '14 at 11:36

One thing you could do is install MuseScore. It's free. You can input a score, and change the size of the page by going to Layout > Page Settings and changing the width and height of the page to about the size of a bar. Then you can re-size your window so only one page is displayed at a time. When you push the playback button it will scroll to each next bar as it is playing and highlight each note. If you can't figure it out, I can give more detailed instructions.

Once you learn sight reading and theory really well, you can use MuseScore to compose music. (-:


This is very new, if you are on iPad, you can try piaScore. It responds to your physical gesture so that you can change page by making head gesture.


If you have access to a video editor then this could be real easy. Consider the free video editors that come with MAC's, iMovie and for Windows 7, Live Movie Maker.

Take a digital snap shot of each bar. Then import these in the correct order in your video editor. Adjust the time of each bar picture to what you think you need. Then render. Take the final video render and store it on your laptop, smart phone, or other video player. Place your laptop or smart phone where you would put your music and now you have a real time moving bar to bar image.

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