I am a fully blind person, now beginning to learn violin with Western classics. I am presently preparing for Trinity grade 3 practical. I am just looking for a sheet music reader and writer software solution to find out if such software availability will help me to create scores with my own ideas. Can anybody suggest any resource?


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You do get braille music.

Braille music is a Braille code that allows music to be notated using Braille cells so music can be read by visually impaired musicians. The Braille music system was originally developed by Louis Braille.

Braille cell, 2 dots wide by 3 dots high Braille music uses the same six-position Braille cell as literary braille. However braille music assigns a separate meaning to each braille symbol or group of symbols different from literary braille and has its own syntax and abbreviations.

Almost anything that can be written in print music notation can be written in braille music notation. However, braille music notation is an independent and well-developed system with its own conventions.

The world's largest collection of braille music is located at the National Library for the Blind in Stockport, UK.1

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  • Blind musicians I have known have used this Braille system, but also learned to play by ear.
    – Michael S
    Commented Oct 8, 2018 at 19:53
  • Braille scores can be difficult to come across, however, depending on where you are located, your local city or university library may be able to do an Inter-Library Loan (it could be called something else in other areas). A blind student I knew was able to access a large collection through a network of University libraries in the US.
    – Michael S
    Commented Oct 8, 2018 at 20:03

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