Years ago, a friend had me listen to some jazz music (I don't really know what song.). I find it relaxing, boring, horrible and ultimately lacking the power I seek in music.

Now I came across a brutal death metal band that claims to fuse jazz with brutal death metal. I found it to be completely absurd. I believe it is impossible for a very soft, melodic genre like jazz to go hand and hand with something as heavy, violent and brutal as brutal death metal.

I took a listen to a song and strangely I found it to be very good. Unfortunately, I cannot find the jazzy parts the band claims to have. I believe if it really has some jazz to it I would probably hate the song. The song is:

My questions are:

  • Are there some jazzy elements on this song? If so how come it is still so brutal?
  • Around 02:50, there is a section where only the bass and drums are playing. After a moment they are suddenly accompanied by very heavy guitars. I can't identify what style this is. Is this jazz? If so, how is it possible that they blend seamlessly with the heavy guitars?

Note: I do not know any music theory but this is bugging me so much. I hope someone could explain what I do not understand.

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    Some of your comments are completely opinion based and not objective. I may recommend closing this question. Jazz is ... soft, boring, etc. Your listening experience is too limited to say this as a definition of Jazz. There is nothing soft about Mingus (especially his punch). Parker, Gillespie, Coltrane, Pat Martino, and the list goes on. – ggcg Oct 25 '18 at 14:12

First off, "jazz" covers a spectrum that is at least as wide as "rock" - from Frank Sinatra ballads to extremely dissonant avant-garde stuff. Don't judge everything by a couple of songs you heard once.

Second, the song you ask about doesn't sound particularly jazzy to me - I would label it "technical death metal".

Third, it is possible to blend metal and jazz and come up with something energetic and heavy. No guarantee you will like it, though. Check out Panzerballett, Spastic Ink or Watchtower for examples.


Might be the cheap ear buds I listened to the song to, but I couldn't identify any conclusively jazz-influenced elements in it. The song does go into compound quadruple meter at times, which leans towards jazz's love of swing, but I've heard compound quadruple meter in other metal songs.

I suspect part of the brutality of this song comes from the harsh timbre of the guitars, the low pitch overall, the growling voice, and the strong tendency towards atonality (I was unable to figure out a lot of the notes or the key on first listen).

I'd heard similar drum kit patterns in jazz in the later instrumental section, but I haven't listened to enough metal to figure out whether this is indeed a jazz influence.

And sorry, I don't know what style 2:50 is besides metal.

(You may be surprised how agitated and hard some jazz can get, though--look up hard bop for a more aggressive jazz sub-genre example.)

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