I have a Millenium 150-E drums kit and I need a software for learning drums. Preferably with instant feedback on the note played, timing, etc.

I found the Roland V-Drums Tutor software but this was primarily designed for Roland V-Drums and I don't know if it works with my e-drums. Did anyone try to use this software with other e-drums than Roland's? Cheers.

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Its web site says:

*Specifically designed for V-Drums; compatible with any Roland V-Drums kit.

That does not actually rule out other devices.

Note number: corresponds to the pads of the V-Drums series
MIDI channel: 10

This appears to imply that any MIDI drum that sends these note numbers on channel 10 can be used.

* A Roland V-Drums series drum set is required in order to use this software.

Uh oh.

-V-Drums module without a USB COMPUTER port: A MIDI Interface and an audio cable are required.

When MIDI messages are received through a plain old MIDI cable (and there is no second MIDI cable in the other direction to send an inquiry to the device), the software has no opportunity to check which device it is connected to. So it should work.

Anyway, there is a review (in German) that explicitly says that other MIDI sources work. (So the third quote above is a lie.)

  • Thanks. I could not (visibly) upvote your answer as I do not have enough reputation yet. But based on your answer I will risk 40$ to buy the Roland Tutor software and give it a try with my Millenium set. I will come back with the results.
    – Vlad S.
    Oct 24, 2018 at 20:41

This is probably impossible. The V-drum is connected with a computer via USB.

If your computer specialist and you are able to convert your midi output to a USB input. Than maybe it is possible.

Oh, I did not read the previous commend. Is there also v-drum without USB? If so than maybe not impossible?

  • The Millenium 150-E has both USB out and MIDI out so it should work. However, I found another similar software which I think is better maintained and updated, it is called "Melodics" and works very well out of the box with the Millenium 150-E drum kit and with any other electronic drum kit. I use Melodics with USB connection. Thanks.
    – Vlad S.
    Aug 2, 2021 at 11:50

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