I have a midi file that I want to visualize to sheet music. However I need to be able to play with the visuals of the score. I want to remove some rules like "if there is a duplicate midi note at the same second don't visualize that midi note". I want to get all the notes in midi file and create an overflowing score sheet where notes are also not restricted by the rule of min distance between notes, meaning they can overlap on top of each other.

Do you know any basic libraries that could fit my objective?

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    Score generation alone is really hard for stand-alone programs, see this question. I'm not very optimistic concerning your objective. The midi format is pretty dumb (i.e. reading and writing is easy), so any abstraction has to be added from other sources (rule-based, etc.) and from your example I'm not able to guess, how other rules could look like. – guidot Nov 6 '18 at 21:20

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