In terms of treble, bass, high, mid and low ranges, frequency response?

enter image description here

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If you're even considering spending 200 bucks on a set of earbuds, let alone 1,000, the last thing you need is a bunch of opinions from random people on the internet with no proven track-record at all as to how good their ears are...

You need to go & listen to them for yourself [blind test recommended so you're not influenced by price or prior opinion].

If you can't tell the difference, buy the cheapest - or even try something cheaper until you reach the point where you can tell the difference.

Most people's ears are nowhere near as good as they think they are.


From the provided specs, even if they're verifiable, we don't know. Overall frequency range (as long as it's adequate) is less important than balance within the range. It doesn't matter what driver configuration is used as long as it works. The 'certification' and 'expert tuning' are just advertising puff. Is 'quad driver' good for earbuds? Why?

$199 is a lot to pay for earbuds. $499 is a heck of a lot. $999 is ridiculous. But none of those will be the street price. People like to boast of owning $1000 items, but they don't actually PAY $1000 for them!

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