I have used a VOX Tonelab LE for almost ten years, and it starts to fall apart. Therefore I'm looking for a replacement. In my view, VOX used to stand out among modelling amps by adding a tube, thus creating very good distortion sounds. My question is whether there is anything comparable nowadays in terms of

  • flexibility, i.e. all common effects (chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, phaser, ...) are on boad
  • high quality amp models

I also need a fairly "large" board with several foot switches and an expression pedal.

I realize that modelling technique has improved in the meantime, so can I expect all this (in particular nice distortions) from Line 6/Boss/... pedals that do not have an integrated tube?

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  • I recently sold my old Tonelab. The newer stuff sounds better because it’s all digital either way and the tube was really just a gimmick. Check out the new modeling devices at a store if you can. Unfortunately, this question is off topic here because we don’t do gear recommendations. Just let go of the tube idea and go through a more open minded product selection process. – Todd Wilcox Nov 13 '18 at 15:15

Although it is not the latest model, the Zoom G5 (not the G5n) is a great choice and it includes an actual 12AX7 tube to add color to the sound. In addition, it is incredibly easy to use and allows you to adds up to 9 effects in any order, and you can even have the same effect more than once in your effects chain. And it is affordable. Good luck. :-)

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