So i was wondering if i should take Grade 8 theory. (Has anyone actually taken it??). I went up to grade piano 7 last year and will probably do Grade 8 piano in 2020, atm im taking a break from the practical tests due to university (an unrelated subject) and i want to focus on other pieces. However the theory particularly interests me and i want to have a better understanding of Music as a whole. I am a quick learner and i am good at exams in general and i relish a challenge.

I cant find a single person online who has taken it haha but any insights would be very much appreciated.

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    This question is pretty much impossible to answer, because it's entirely subjective. – Scott Wallace Nov 15 '18 at 9:20
  • if you are serious about this do not skip grade 7, it is in the syllabus for a reason. – Neil Meyer Nov 16 '18 at 17:56

Yes you can take it, in that you are definitely allowed to. There are no prerequisites for sitting this exam. I am a music teacher and have put plenty of students in for grade 8 theory. It's quite tough, but worth the effort. You need to complete a trio sonata (Baroque style 3 part harmony mostly contrapuntal style), you need to fill in the skeleton of a keyboard piece in Classical or Romantic style, write a composition of 12 bars minimum based on a given opening, and answer analytical questions based on 2 scores, usually one chamber and one practical.

  • can the OP do this? anything is possible but to be clear this grade of theory is a requirement for the advanced diploma that ABRSM offers, this qualification the qualification board in the UK considers on the level of a Masters degree in music. Just to put it in perspective to as just how high this standard is. – Neil Meyer Nov 16 '18 at 17:54
  • Grade 8 theory itself is not Masters degree level though - it's around A level or 1st year undergraduate. It is impossible to say whether the OP can achieve this is as obviously it depends on their current level of knowledge/skills, but it is certainly possible assuming prior theory study. I would not recommend anyone attempt the exam without some input from a teacher however, as 50% of the paper is subjective. – Victoria Williams Nov 17 '18 at 19:13

Get the syllabus HERE, buy some past exam papers HERE. You'll be able to see if your skills and knowledge match the exam. If they don't, there are online courses.

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