This piano excerpt is somewhere in movement two of "Trio élégiaque No. 2 in D minor, Op.9 (Rachmaninoff, Sergei)".

Listen here:

or here:

Here's a small portion (considered as fair use here) from a sheet of that excerpt.

enter image description here

I am trying to re-create this in LilyPond. But somehow this last es'''2 doesn't show up in the right measure. It should start in the next measure.

I have inputted it as:

<< {


} \\ {


} \\ >>

See the current result:

enter image description here

  • Actually barcheck failed is a strong indication, that you got the meter wrong or had notes too few/too many within the bar. I fail to recognize, what videos could help here and suggest IMSLP instead.
    – guidot
    Nov 15, 2018 at 15:03

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The music is in 3/4, so the time signature in your LilyPond work is wrong. Correct it and the software should render the Eb in the correct place.


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