Sometimes I just can imagine songs in my head, not too often, but it happens. Last time I imagined a piano solo, before that an electronic track.

I don't know if they are good or not because I don't know how to write them off. I'm currently trying to learn music theory when I got time.

I also tried the free DAW, LMMS, I've been experimenting with it in the past few months.

I just love music. I'm listening to various genres and I always feels like "I HAVE TO create something similarly good." It's like when you just have to write down something or you just have to do something.

I don't have instruments of midi keyboard for practicing, so I stick with pc keyboard and my mouse clicking notes. I cannot buy anything like a midi keyboard or a synthetiser currently.

Are there any signs that can prove if I have at least one of them that I have "the thing" which I should have if I want to compose music good to listen to or I can't be sure till someone says "It's a good piece of music."?

I'm interested in electronic music, synth music, ambient, relaxing music, "strange" music...

I uploaded some of my...well...let's call them "experiments" to soundcloud but I don't see that people are interested in them. Even this was a big step for me, but I just need to know if my compositions have any creativity in themselves.

(I'm not sure if I can post them in here in a question, although I would be glad if some more experienced music composer could tell me what she/he thinks about them.)

  • Sorry for my bad english. -
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Don't confuse "creative talent" with "musical skill". Mastering an instrument like the violin, piano, or guitar, is a little more like being naturally athletic than being naturally musical. You need a lot of training for these instruments, years or decades. Some kids pick them up and just naturally seem good. Just because you do not have a natural talent for an instrument does not mean you do not have a natural creative talent for music. Music, the creating of music, is like art or any other creative pursuit. The irony is that you need to master some skills to create what you hear in your head. But you don't need to be a virtuoso. If you can hear music in your head and new ideas come to you then you are probably musically gifted (in the creative sense). Even if you cannot master an instrument you can still be a composer, arranger, producer, etc.

To give you some other point of view on this, there are professional musicians who are very talented at their instruments, and great sight readers, and work every night as musicians. And they don't have a creative bone in their bodies. They could write a tune or improvise if their life depended on it.

Don't worry about soundcloud fans, that's not a measure of anything. I would say keep at it. Keep making music with your computer and when you get the opportunity learn more music theory and an instrument (possible voice). Most of the greats started by copying their favorite music.

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    After you answer I feel more relaxed and self-confident, thanks. – atanii Nov 18 '18 at 23:03
  • Is there any composer who's good at composing, but sucks in performance? The musicians that I know, Bach, Mozart, Handel, seem to be good at both. – Raven Cheuk Nov 20 '18 at 12:45
  • I was thinking more along the lines of modern music. I'm not going to list any, but there are plenty of musicians who can write hits and are not (imo) very good players, or singers. – ggcg Nov 20 '18 at 12:54
  • My comment does not imply full inclusive or exclusive statement on either. There are some who are good at both but many who are good at one and not the other. There are classical composers wrote concertos for instruments that they were not their main instrument. – ggcg Nov 20 '18 at 12:57

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