I have been practicing both heel-to-toe technique and toe sliding technique to improve my bass drum speed, which method would be helpful in the long run ?


I'm pretty sure everybody finds their own best method.

I'm a toe-down player, I can barely play at all heel-down, I just get cramp in my shin...
So, for me, it was

  • Get a lighter beater [I got a SpeedBall, I'm sure there are lots of different ones out there] & use it slightly shorter than centre-skin.
  • Tighten the spring [quite a lot] to make the beater's natural period of swing shorter still. I found this also prevents accidental double-strike.

Then I could just double-bounce on my toes, faster than I can actually do it without a pedal - the spring helps a lot.

Late thought... I also use a 200 buck pedal, actually the predecessor to this one, very rigid, which very probably doesn't hurt. If I was in the market for a new one these days, I'd probably go even more rigid, but these didn't exist back when I got mime

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