Does the same rhythm from "Row, row, row your boat" copy the ending of Telemann's Concerto?

It appears lots of music copied the style of the Baroque era.


The same rhythm does appear, but only briefly. The relationship is a result of this rhythm and the fact that the Telemann uses the same or similar scale degrees as "Row." "Row" begins with repeated instances of scale-degree 1 (what we call the tonic of the key), and that's exactly what's repeated at the beginning of your clip. And since "Row" is so culturally ingrained, it's easy to hear a passing connection when we hear the Telemann. The subsequent triplets, even though they're on different scale degrees in the Telemann, add to the the similarity.

It's a lot like how people often tend to hear "Jingle Bells" at the end of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Even though the scale degree is wrong (it's 3 in "Jingle Bells" but 5 in the Shostakovich), the rhythm is so ingrained in our memories that we immediately make the connection.

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