Messing around Sunday I came up with a song that has the following Chord Progression. I'm just learning music theory and am having trouble on identifying the key.

The chord progression is:

C7 D7 F7 E7 C7 D7 F7 G7

I'm curious because I'm trying to see how this progression fit's into they key the modes and the scales it would work with.

I have used the reverse key finders and come up with Gm or Am but don't see how it fit's into those keys in terms of scales.

Thanks Everyone,


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The chords don't actually fit in any particular key, but there is a tonal center. I didn't play it yet, but I feel like that would be C, so the progression would be in C major, in a colorful way of course.

The second block of 4 chords is kind of common, contains a perfect cadence at the end (F G C), and the D-F movement is oftenly used too, in general to approach G (maybe a V-I with interpolation of VIIb borrowed from parallel minor scale?). The G, though, contains a 7th that pulls back to C.

In the first block, I think the E7 causes a little a surprise, as one would expect a G, as I said. The F E C then, could be a deceptive cadence, since you would expect a Am after E, but instead, you use it's relative, C.

So, you can see that despite momentary feelings of G major and A minor, all blocks end up returning to C major, so IMO that would be the key. The fact that all chords have 7ths just makes it all feel more bluesy.

  • Thank you, that is very helpful. I was struggling between G and Am, the C tonal center makes sense and gives me something else to study more on. Dec 5, 2018 at 17:57

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