I have a question that's been on my mind for quite a while now. Now, I'm not extremely knowledgeable about music theory but it is one of my interest that I like to learn about. I can't seem to find the reason behind some parts of these songs sounding a lot better and giving me more of a pleasurable listening experience than the rest of these songs.

I know that someone already made a question similar to this but there was only one answer and it didn't really answer my conundrum, so I'm posting my own version of it.

Anyway, here are the examples I'm talking about:

The choruses in this song, especially the one from 2:12 to 2:36.

2:24. I know it's partly because of the pause, but every time the violin comes in... it just sounds more awesome.

And finally, from the beginning of Clair de Lune until the rapid chord playing, which would start at 0:58 in the video, feels like it's magically entrapping me into it. The rest of the piece is very good too, but that type of feeling dissipates as it goes on.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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First: welcome to music.stackexchange! :)

For the second song I think it can be the harmony between the pleasing voice of the violin and the other parts of the music. Harmony can give "depth" to a song so it can give new possibilites like expressing feeling in a way the specific song didn't do before.

You can hear similar effect in stirring, hopeful video game songs for example where multiple instruments play together to give that certain, energetic feeling.

And talking about the energetic feeling, from my experience, choruses is a good way to give a certain, energetic feeling to a song too if used well with the other parts of the song. So this can be a case with the second one.

Of course what you feel when listening to a song is subjective as well so it can happen that not everyone think the same.

For the third one, I'm not quite sure but it can be a modulation to a higher key which is a good way to give a unexpected but good twist to a song. For this song a much more magical tune.

You can hear similar key modulations for example in the Fawkes The Phoenix from Harry Potter:

  • I like this answer. Harmony wasn't a big consideration for me when thinking about this question, but it sure seems to affect the listening experience. However, I still can't put my finger on why the chorus of The Curse of Feanor sounds better than the hundreds of other power metal choruses that follow more or less the same formula. Clair de Lune does seem to be a very personal preference for me since there are a lot of other musically engaging components throughout it. – Bloomd Dec 9 at 22:32

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