so i have a question, as much I search about it i can't find any answer,it's about the distortion and overdrive pedal,soo if i have a distortion pedal and use it for rythmic parts and when its time to solo i turn the overdrive,does the overdrive give me a boost?,does it work?or i just unleashe the chaos of feedback? (I use clean channel from the amp) I have a distortion pedal from Behringer um 300 specifically,if it works what overdrive pedal do you suggest me? Thank you all for your patience,(sorry for my bad English)

  • " ...the chaos of feedback...", great name for a band.
    – user50691
    Dec 13, 2018 at 23:56

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There's a lot to unpack in your question, but the key concept to understand here IMO is compression. Whenever you have clipping, you have compression. This is because clipping is a limiting of the dynamic range of the signal, more or less by definition.

So, when you have the distortion on you are creating a compressed signal that goes to the amp. So if you put an overdrive in front of the distortion (between the guitar and the distortion), then you're not likely to experience a boost in volume because the distortion pedal cannot produce any more volume only more severe clipping.

But if you put the overdrive after the distortion (between the distortion and the amplifier) then it probably will work to boost the signal and maybe do some softer clipping of its own, too.

In a way there's a spectrum of different effects depending on the characteristics of the clipping. But all of these effect involve some kind of amplification component.

 Compressor   zero to soft clipping
  Overdrive   soft to medium clipping
 Distortion   medium to hard clipping
       Fuzz   hard clipping

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