I'm trying to transcribe one of the tracks from Anachronox:

I'm very beginner at transcribing and my ears need much training as well.

I think I wrote the melody and, rests and tempo off more or less well, but I don't know which key could this be? I think it's a minor because of the melancholic athmosphere.

I was thinking that maybe all of them chords, or just the first...or none of them. The melody is so simple yet I'm a bit confused.

The rests before the repeat I think are shorter so I think I should use another time signature there.

And another little question, could anybody tell me what genre is this? It sounds like some trip-hop - dark ambient hybrid.

I really like this athmospheric sounding with the synt drones, simple melody and with the percussions and I would love to make something similar. So simple, yet the the instruments and percussions are relaxing and athmospheric together, like some dream like, futuristic landscape.

I doesn't exactly find what can be the title so I follow the numbered one.

enter image description here

  • It's based in Em. However, the question isn't appropriate for this site, as you'll realise when you read the dos and don'ts in the help centre. – Tim Dec 16 '18 at 8:13
  • @Tim First, thanks for the answer. Second...I've just read it and you're perfectly right. Even Music Fans would have been better for this question. Can I migrate it somehow to music fans? – atanii Dec 16 '18 at 9:37