My daughter is a talented singer-songwriter. She has published her songs in various digital streaming sites including Spotify. I would like to ask whether anyone in this forum has any good tips on how to promote a singer songwriter in streaming sites? Ideally without going to record companies or other 3rd parties. There are artists out there who made it and retained full creative control. Any advice based on actual experience will be very gratefully received.

So far, we have used all the social media within our disposal to promote her and got 1500 streams for her first song. Not bad, but then, need much more to make this viable in the long run. I'll also mention we are based in London, England.

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    If we could we'd all be famous ;-). It sounds like you are doing the right thing, social media. Promoting within the streaming site may cost $$. If that's not an issue pay for some google add space. Justin Beber made it on YouTube so try that. Do a short, professional, video of your daughter singing one song and see what happens. You need exposure. As for keeping "control" of the music just copyright your work. Prince was signed with a label and kept creative control. It can work either way, it's a trade off. – ggcg Dec 19 '18 at 21:45
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