I live in the mountains in a desert area (not US) in a one room apartment.

In winter, the temperatures here vary from 4-10 celcius, with over 70% humudity. In summer, the temperatures are between 30-40 with humidity dropping easily under 40%.

I don't have an air conditioner, so in the summer my windows stays opened, and in winter I heat my room with those small heating fans.

So far, I have an all laminated classical guitar and 2 electric guitars (93 LP Studio and CS Strat). The classical guitar is always out on a stand, while the two electrics, when not played goes back to their cases.

Now I want to buy an acoustic guitar. I was thinking about a solid top and maybe even a full solid guitar (Taylor GS Mini, Seagull S6, Seagull Maritime, Gibson J15). However now I am concerned that they won't withstand my living conditions.

I don't want to use humidifiers. Nothing wrong with them and I do take good care of the items I own, but at the end I don't want to be a slave to them. I don't want to be constantly checking the humidity % and stuffing the guitar case with humidifiers.

So my question is, can any of the listed above guitars survive a "casual" treatment? If not, which guitars do you think will be better for the job?

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    The outside temperature is somewhat academic. Unless you play alfresco. The temperature the guitar endures is of far more importance. As is inside humidity. – Tim Dec 31 '18 at 16:42
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