I've been loking for hours without succses a solution for this problem:

  • My new midi keyboard: Nektar Impact 25 when I play some notes, as F, it triggers F & G at the same time, this problem keeps ocuring with different octaves, even differents DAWS: Logic and cubase,

I tried to reset to factory settings, not working tho,

I bought the same keyboard for my borther at the same time and don't have this issues,

Thanks in advance if u know the soulution, kind regards!

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The solution to this problem is to send your Midi keyboard back and buy a new one. It is faulty. The common denominator here is your keyboard's hardware. Not the settings, not the DAW. The keyboard.


Yeah, it sounds like you got a bad keyboard. I have heard of this problem with rubber pad controllers, where one pad is struck and the pad next to it triggers also. Does it happen no matter how hard you press a key? If so, you might mess with the velocity sensitivity and play with a lighter touch, but it shouldn't be happening at all.

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