So I have always seen this broken guitar and didn't notice since it was broken and all and recently I looked at it and wondered what guitar it might be. I tried searching the guitar for any hints about its model or brand but there is none so I tried searching for it online. I speculate that it is a kiesel guitar because of its colorway but then I searched for kiesel guitars and most of their pickups are not the same as this one. Oh and I think this guitar is probably around 1990s-2005s guitar because it is really really old. Anyone know of this guitar? Any help will be appreciated. image of the guitar body close up

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    I love that sense of 'close-up perspective'... 1990's is really really old ;) – Tetsujin Jan 5 at 10:39
  • Can you make out the word on the headstock? This looks just like a clone SuperStrat from the 1990s, with an aftermarket neck that hasn't had any headstock shaping. It doesn't look like you have a classic instrument, but you might be able to get it back in playing condition - if the expense is worth it to you. – PeteCon Jan 5 at 15:39
  • Looks to say Agape on the head, a custom luthier. Possibly an unfinished or abandoned work. – Richard Barber Jan 5 at 17:17
  • Someone has started a renovation work. The body is recently repainted. I guess that the tailpiece is not original. It possibly had two pickups as the middle might be added. The neck has been used a lot and is in not in a very good shape. There is no garantee that the neck and body are originals from the same instrument. It could become a nice instrument but it sure will take a bit (quite a bit) of work. – ghellquist Jan 5 at 20:39