I happen to inherit the ability of emotionally creative whistling to good music. To prove my point, here's a piece to which I whistle: https://app.box.com/s/grkromn1brjksou5qecwgs9w6odwi7ik My problem: When I was younger, I whistled up to 13 hours non-stop, but now that I stopped for many years (and at 77), I'm only able to whistling about 5 minutes strong enough and then I feel that I'm losing muscle strength. I guess physio therapists know how to go about to regain muscle strength. My reasoning leads me to gradually build up my whistling muscles, such as whistling only for 5 minutes daily 3-5 times for about 2 weeks and then increase the time to 10 for another 3 weeks etc. Yesterday I started and straight away felt my muscle signaling some changes. I wonder if taking Collagen or other muscle building supplements might be helpful? I would be grateful for some professional advice, because here we have got an orchestra, which would like to have me perform.

  • Wow! My first thought was that man people claim they can whistle and many can't. But man – you can! I really like your whistling! Hope you find a solution. – DrSvanHay Jan 5 '19 at 23:50

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