To make it short, I am in the military and I try to take a guitar every time I am deployed. The thing is I can't take much with me so I need a very (very very) small guitar. I have a LAG guitalele (basically a uke with 6 strings), normally tuned in A, but a use Cordoba Mini E strings, specially made to have short instruments tuned in E. Recently I found this very small electric guitar, the Fazley Niño, with an integrated amp that works on battery. It's between an electric guitalele, a kid electric guitar and a toy, but it will do the trick when I am somewhere in the desert and I wanna play something. But it is also tuned in A and I would also like to tune it in E... I can't find special strings like the ones on my guitalele, the mini E strings being only for acoustic instruments (nylon strings). I can go down to F sharp without it being sloppy. Anyone has an idea or a trick so I can tune it down to E? (extra tension strings maybe?)


  • Knowing the length of open strings would help us answer.
    – Tim
    Jan 5, 2019 at 14:07
  • Right. 500mm /19,68 inches
    – Arn Dub
    Jan 5, 2019 at 15:10

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The short answer is that you need heavier-gauge strings.

The physics behind this is that, for a given length and tension, heavier strings vibrate more slowly because they have more mass per unit length.This article, "Ultimate guide to guitar scale length", has more details.

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