I've been looking for a software that lets me animate a score for playing along in the classroom.

The thing that comes closest to what I am looking for is Mario Paint Composer. The problem with it is, that the notes are icons and I need to be able to have notes in colours or black.

The final product could look something like this:

but I need more than one track since I have percussion.

It doesn't have to be so pretty, just scrolling the score while animating the current note when it's supposed to be played would be good enough.


MuseScore is a high-quality, free and open-source music notation application that works on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Here's a video showing how to use MuseScore for play-along visualization. On the video, the Continuous View mode is used first, and then the Page View mode. Finally, the Loop Playback function is used to loop a short section of the score.

The Page View mode might be the better one to use in a classroom, unless the pupils/students are very young.

Here's another example video with larger notation in Page View mode, and (manually) scrolling the view while it's playing. In this one, there's no empty bar in the beginning of the song, but a one-bar count-in before the playback starts. This was to nice four-bar rows/systems.

A great thing about MuseScore is, it's easy to recommend for students to use at home as well, because it's free and available for several platforms.

  • Thank you so much! This also looks like just what I need! I will also give it a try! – user1622 Jan 12 '19 at 13:47

I need to be able to have notes in colours or black.

The solution will be a music write program where you can import any midi file, scan sheet and also separate the instruments of the drum set and watch (and listen to) the sheets played in real time (all possibilities of change of time and transpose the key (like Finale of Klemm or sibelius, dorico of Steinberg** - but most of these professional programs are very expensive and quite complicated to handle.) there are lots of tutorials like this one:

and free programs:

Here is a simple app to download for free like midi sheet player will fit for your use, where even the piano keys are shown and where you can change the color of the notes and change the time.


  • Thank you so much, Midi sheet player looks like just what I need. I will give it a try! – user1622 Jan 12 '19 at 13:46

The Musician Training Center software from micrologus.com contains a free play-along tool that can do, for example, this:

Full disclosure: I worked on said software and I am still affiliated with the project.

(If you need additional features or minor modifications to the software, we can sometimes do that if that also improves the program for everyone)

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