https://open.spotify.com/track/2nyx0Wqw7utftbWjnJcdru I am trying to play a little guitar solo over this track and was wondering what scale and key I should solo in. Everything I play sounds bad.

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    With a little elaboration on what you've already tried and what scale you think the song is in, and maybe some other details, this question would be on-topic. – user45266 Jan 14 at 4:02
  • Maybe an answer that uses one particular case to show how things can be done in general cases can be useful to future users. So perhaps the question can be rephrased as "Can you show me how to find the right scales for improvisation, using this track 'All Day Long' as an example?". Anyway, I listened to the track, the main key is F, and one could use a D minor pentatonic scale or a D blues scale as a starting point for improvisation, but that's just a skeleton, one should also use the individual chords notes in important points to sound "in". – MMazzon Jan 14 at 13:02

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