Recent versions of garageband have a "virtual drummer" that can "follow" a midi song and provide accompaniment in one of several styles (e.g., "rock", "pop", "reggae", ..), and with a 2-dimensional high-level control ("complexity" and maybe "volume"?). It's really simple if you want a scratch backing track.

Does Reaper (or maybe another VST-plugin-accepting system) have a replacement that works with this same high-level control?

All the drummer plugins I've seen are about the recording quality of the instrument, and have you program them with MIDI, which is a lot lower level.


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I don't know what the virtual drummer does, but the new Band-in-a-Box 2019 has a DAW plugin (VST/AAX) that might do what you want. Update 11/2019: there now seems to be a VST/AU/AAX plugin version for the Mac as well, though apparently only 64 bit https://www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.htm

Here it is demonstrated in Reaper:

Some other virtual drummer software that comes to mind, with random Youtube videos showing them in or with Reaper.

Drumcore (a free version shown here)


EZ Drummer

In addition to those, Steven Slate Drums aka SSD, and other drum software have drum grooves, which might help you do what you want.

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