Please could someone clarify what the highlighted note combination means? The source is the song "Paint it Black" sheet music for guitar and piano.


enter image description here

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    Just a hint for any future questions you may want to ask. it is considered courteous on this site not to accept the first answer to your question but to wait a day and then accept an answer, this gives everyone a fair chance to bid for your acceptance. – Neil Meyer Jan 22 at 14:06

quite simple:

The 3. verse contains two syllable below the 2nd. quarter (Maybe) and the 2. verse two syllable below the 4th. quarter (people)

so if you play or sing the tune of the 3. verse you have to play or sing 2 eight notes, and dito in the 2. verse.

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    Nice! FWIW, in instrumental music, with more formal notation, the "alternate" notes would be marked with a "2" or "3" to indicate on which verses they should be used. – Carl Witthoft Jan 22 at 13:44

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