Does the Korg d1600 have mic preamp or d/a converters inside that would allow me to use this piece of equipment as an audio/midi interface? I believe It has all the appropriate inputs and outputs?

  • do you mean this one here? youtube.com/watch?v=JL_Nhca1Izc then you'll have the answer! midi will work! The KORG D1600 MkII Digital Recording Studio is truly a studio-in-a-box. The accompanyng music is the onboard demo shipped with the unit and was excellently recorded on this beautiful machine. – Albrecht Hügli Jan 27 at 14:04

The Korg D1600 has a comprehensive list of inputs, including mic preamps with phantom power. But I see no mention in the manual (linked below) of being able to use it as a computer interface. The words 'USB' or even 'Firewire' do not appear in the manual. So I'm afraid your answer is no. It is essentially a self-contained recorder.


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