So I have been beatboxing for a couple of months now, got inspired by GBBB battles. I can do the basic sounds (kick drum, hi hats, (inward and outward) K snares, pf Snare, throat bass, lip oscillations, humming while beatboxing, etc. You get the point; you can call me an advanced beginner). I can do some technically fast beats (can't do tkK though).

My problem comes while freestyling; sure, I can prepare a beat and do it decently, but I have to get better at freestyling, especially at the drops - I'm seriously empty when it comes to drops. There are some iconic drops that I have heard from professional beatboxers (like D-Low, Codfish, etc.) but they seem too complicated/technical to imitate, and even if I could imitate them, it would seem as if I was plagiarizing, and I really wouldn't want that.

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    Is there no beatbox community on this SE? – lil' mathematician Feb 5 at 17:04
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